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Jan 11, 03:52 PM

I'm Back

Yes, it seems and age, but I’m back. Back to singing, back to a new, re-designed website (thanks to Eddie of Spotlight Web designs), and back to a new blog.

It seems like I’m starting out on a new career. A chance compliment to a colleague led to me studying with the wonderful Gary Coward. Such an great teacher, humble, honest and an absolute expert in his field. He has literally taken me back to the beginning; to making sounds on one note. It’s such painstaking work, but worth it.

To the surprise of us both, my voice, in it’s natural state, is much larger than it was before. Now is the time for me to be getting out there and singing the lighter end of the Helden Tenor repertoire.

I had a great summer getting back on stage doing Canio for Garden Opera. It was lovely to actually get back to it, in a proper production but on a fairly safe scale. It’s really interesting to be able to sing again without the demons of the past haunting me. I do feel like I’ve been reborn.

Then it was off to Opera North for the cover of Hermann in Queen of Spades. What a joy that role is to sing. It felt as if Tchakovsky had sat down and written it especially for me.

Now I have to get out there and sing to people and start building up my career again. So many people feel, at some stage in their lives, that they would love to start again but start with the knowledge they have gained over years of working. I have that chance.

So, a few thank yous. Thanks to Gary for all your help and advice. To Audrey for the unbelievable support you give, not to mention amazing coaching. And thanks to Tim and Ian at Opera on the Run who, over the last couple of years have given me the opportunity to sing corporate events and to appear in their plays, all of which has played an amazing role, not only in keeping me financially afloat, but also in helping me to learn to enjoy performing again.




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